Dôme IP PTZ Extérieur


PixelPro with GXi ZN-DNT372XE-MPD

1080p Repositionable PTZ IP Outdoor Dome with Imbedded Intelligence Technology





The PixelPro ZN-DNT372XE-MPD 1080p Repositionable PTZ IP Outdoor Dome features GXiTechnology. GXi Technology maximizes the PixelPro's surveillance capabilities by bringing an added feature set of Imbedded Intelligence Technology, WDR performance and full video recording to SD card to this already full-featured series. 


  • Repositionable (simple) PTZ
  • 1080p HD resolution
  • 3-9mm Lens, F1.2
  • Dual Streaming Video
  • Remote P/T & zoom (3x optical) control
  • Preset Positions
  • ProSet remote zoom and focus
  • Imbedded Intelligence Technology for analysis of video
  • True Day/Night
  • Built-in Fan and Heater
  • Edge video recording to SD Card
  • WDR tone mapping
  • ONVIF Compliant (Profile S)
  • PoE (IEEE 802.3af)/12VDC
  • IP66 rated for all weather use